Indoor Air Quality

Health risks from toxic gases exist in nearly every kind of structure. Old buildings often have poor ventilation and aging heating systems that can produce and trap carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Drywall, paint, carpet and other products can off-gas in new structures and emit formaldehyde and other toxins. RAE Systems detectors provide a cost-effective way to monitor these gases in even trace amounts — parts-per-million and parts-per-billion — to ensure that you protect workers and the public.


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Enhanced user-friendliness and flexibility for wireless gas detection

MiniRAE 3000 +

The most advanced wireless handheld VOC monitor with parts per million measurement


Versatile Compact wireless monitor for up to four gases

UltraRAE 3000 +

Portable, wireless advanced VOC monitor with benzene-specific technology

AutoRAE 2

Automatic bump test and calibration system

RAELink 3

Portable wireless router with GPS for RAE Systems and select third-party monitors

SensorRAE 4R+

Compact, waterproof storage and conditioning station for up to six sensors

RAESep Tubes

Quick-reading, compound-specific gas and vapor measurement

RDK Host

Wireless, preconfigured laptop controller for toxic threat monitoring

EchoView Remote

Enable remote, wireless access to real-time portable gas monitor readings

DoseRAE Pro

Rugged, personal radiation detector and dosimeter with stay-time alarm